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Luxury Hotels in Abruzzo

This Region located in the middle of Italy gives several opportunities of interesting tourism because of the confromation of its territory. This area is a great mix of whatever nature can offer in the most fascinating way.

Abruzzo is, firstly famous for its mountains. The Massiccio of Gran Sasso is a system of mountains with Alps characters. The Gran Sasso is an amazing source of beautiful ladscapes and delightful views.

Abruzzo is not only that, many other mountains belonging to the Appennini are famous skiing stations. Roccaraso, Ovindoli, Campo Felice are great destinations for many Italians from the middle area and the south of Italy to practice ski.
Abruzzo is also nature. Love for nature is demonstrated through the presence of several parks. The Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo is one of the most famous in Italy as regards extension, animals (among these a particular kind of bears) and vegetation.

The countryside is instead a recent discovery. The green landscapes, the sweet hamony of the hills, the ancient little village and countryhouses and the vivid colours are a new and stronger attraction for foreign people making Italy as a destination to live permanently.

In this Region are also many proofs of the interesting past of this area. Mainfly influenced by the near Roma, Abruzzo has always been a territory belonging to the Pope's administration untill the Rome annexion to Italy. Many beautiful churches and religious buildings are frequent.

L'Aquila and Teramo are great examples of middle age importance in Abruzzo. More than this, also the past civil architecture is well developed because of the several castles and middle-aged little villages located on the top of high rocks. Interesting sites to admire and visit but, even more, enchanting views to dream to be part of tale about ancient times.

Another important destination for tourism in Abruzzo is given by the Adriatic sea. 130 km of coasts with many facilities are a good settlement for who is looking or some relax or fun in the summer period.

Civitella Del Tronto
Civitella Del Tronto
The famous fortress.
Capital of Abruzzo. City of delightful churches an [..]
The Cathedral, Madonna delle Grazie, the amphithea [..]

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