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Luxury Hotels in Basilicata

Among Apulia and Calabria regions, Basilicata offers some of the most interesting peculiarities of each of the two regions. A splendid sea and a hill landscape of excpetional value. Millenial history has in Matera and Potenza some of the top  expressions either in north European power shown on such castels and the unique architectural styles of the Sassi area in Matera with accommodations made into very original caves. Sea is also particularly beautiful in the area of Metaponto, one of the most important ancient Greek cities in Basilicata itself.
The 'Sassi' town.

Suggested Hotels

Locanda di San Martino - [ Charming Dwelling ]
Locanda di San Martino
via Fiorentini, 71 - 75100 Matera
A place extremely fascinating, gorgeous example of the wide beauty and unicity of Matera. Locanda di [..]


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