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Luxury Hotels in Liguria

Liguria is one ofthe best example of perfect interaction between the sea andmountains. Liguria is on a side of the Alps and Liguria itself is oneof the region with the most of its territory made by mountains endingtheir lines right in the sea drawing wonderful scenarios. Liguria isalso a real proof of the historical human effort to create areaswhere the human life could be developed. So Liguria’s area hastoday several small villages full of colours and made in interestingshapes to adapt at their best the houses and palaces to the rocks andthe sea (beautiful the area of Cinque Terre and Rapallo and Portofinocrowded of VIPs, and stars from showbiz and culture).

The capital ofLiguria is Genova. That is one of the most important city that madethe sea one of the most important way to enlarge their conquers andtrades. The importance of Genova is today visible in the big palacesand the antique urban area. Genova is today well known also becauseof its Salone Nautico, the biggest fair in Italy where boats andships are exposed and sold.

Liguria is theclosest region to Montecarlo and in Liguria itself is one of the mostappreciated Italian casino: Sanremo’s one.

Palazzos in the 'carruggi', the ancient harbour, t [..]

Suggested Hotels

Royal Hotel - [ Five Stars Luxury ]
Royal Hotel
Corso Imperatrice 80 – 18038 SANREMO
Inaugurated in 1872, the Royal Hotel in Sanremo is an exclusive 5-star resort hotel, just perfect fo [..]
Imperiale Palace Hotel - [ Five Stars ]
Imperiale Palace Hotel
19, Via Pagana, 16038 - Santa Margherita Ligure
An historic and charming hotel, this hotel was built in 1889 as a private villa by the noble Costa f [..]


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