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Built on 27 b. C. by Agrippa, is one of the most interesting example of the Roman engineering. It is a high important temple with a circle base and a huge beautiful dome on it. It is the only important entire Roman temple in the city. Thsi is due to the gift the emperor Foca made to the Pope Bonifacio IV who adapted it as a church like it is still today. This act saved the Pantheon from destructions Christans made of whatever was involved with pagan religions.
The enormous dome has a 9 metres diameter hole on the top. Light comes inside the Pantheon only from there and enlights the beautiful coloured marbles on the floor and the walls and the huge interiors. The high and imposing coloumns on the entrtance are probably ordered later that the original construction by the emperor Adrianus.
Today in the Pantheon are the tombs of the royal family of Italy and other famous people like the painter Raffaello Sanzio. It is still an important church for Catholics. On the Withsun day, at noon, a very suggestive atmosphere is created by the falling down of millions of red rose petals from the top hole to symbol the arrival of the Holy Spirit among the audience.


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