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Piazza Navona

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[IT] Piazza Navona [/IT] [EN]Piazza Navona [/EN]

Navona square is probably the most famous square among the narrow streets of the XVI century part of the city. Its peculiar shape (“Navona” means “big ship”) is due to the fact this area was built on the ruins of te ancient arena built on order of Emperor Domitianus. This amphitheatre was used mainly for the ship battles after be filled with water.
The appearance of the Navona square was created on the XVII century. The most important building on the square are the big church of Sant’Agnese and the noble palace of Pamphilj’s family. On the square are three beautiful fountains, two on each top of the area, one, the most famous in the middle of the “piazza”. This one is the Fountain of the Four Rivers, the most important rivers of the world at that time each of them represented by a marble giant.
The square today is a pictoresque location for its cafè, portrait makers and tumblers.


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