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Foro Romano

[IT]Foro Romano[/IT] [EN]Foro Romano [/EN]

The Foro was the ancient location where people met to run public affairs or any other kind of business. It is a big area full of public and religious buildings on the sides of the via Sacra (holy street) running from Arch of Tito, close to the Colosseum, towards the Capitolium. Each emperor was used to make it bigger and bigger with new buildings often in competiotion with the past ones so contributing to create an amazing and great area for that time as a city like Rome could deserve.
Among these structure are still visible the religious temples of Iovis Optimus Maximus and the Vestals’ one and the Divus Iulius’ one or the public buildings such as the Iulia’s and the imposing Massenzio’s basilicas. The latter is very interesting because still part of the celing is visible.


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