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Something else to visit

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[IT] Altro da vedere[/IT][EN] Something else to visit [/EN]

  Rome is mainly important today to be the headquarter of the public life of Italy. All of these authorities are settled in beautiful ancient building to visit and admire. Inside Palazzo di Montecitorio is one Chamber of the parliament. Close by is Palazzo Chigi where the Government is located and works. The Quirinale is a huge palace with great and elegants halls and delightful gardens where the President of the Republic lives. It was the Popes residence before Rome was annected to Italy.   

Rome is the capital of Christianity so the city is also known as a city with one thousand churches. There are many and some of them are really interesting and beautiful. Surely the most important are Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Laterano.

Walking through the city center right behind Corso Vittorio Emanuele are Campo de' Fiori a very pictoresque square where a marke is located during the day and at night becomes a place of meeting of young people and Piazza Farnese with the imposing and elegant Palazzo Farnese today headquarter of the French Embassy.

Villa Borghese is a charming park realized on XVII century and set in the old city center. It is the most beautiful city park with many monuments and masterpieces all over its extension. Inside there is also the residence of Borghese family today one of the most important museum of the city with statue by Canova and other high qulity work of arts.

Just out of the city is Villa Adriana, belonged to Emperor Adrianus who made it as its favourite residence. The Villa is 120 hecatrs large and has many pools, temples and buildings. The most interesting is the Maritime Theatre a delightful little island on a river where the emperor was used to relax.

As regards the museums in Rome are some of the most famous in the world. The Vatican Museum with masterpieces of the most important artists of Renaissance and the Musei Capitolini where is the richest collection of Roman antiquities.

Rome is also a city for the best shopping. Via Condotti and its side street are the main streets for high fashion shops. Via del Babuino is the favourite locations for important antique dealers.


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