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Trevi Fountain

Italy Hotels > Regions of Italy > Lazio > Rome > Trevi Fountain
[IT] Fontana di Trevi [/IT][EN] Trevi Fountain [/EN]

  Trevi's Fountain is the most beautiful fountain of Roma and probably the most famous of Italy in the whole world. Built on 1762 after thirty years of works, it was ordered by the Pope Clemens XII based on a drawn of Nicoḷ Salvi. This huge fountain is a great mix of art and watergames. The statue of the Ocean, represented by a king, is on the top of the fountain standing on a sea shore pulled by tritons and sea horses. On the sides of Ocean are the statues of the Healtness and Prosperity to demonstrate the perfect quality of Marcia water of the fountain. On the lowest part a huge pool to symbol the sea where all the waters fall at the end of their running. There is a famous tradition on this fountain. A tourist must throw a coin in te pool to be sure to come back in Rome again.


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