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Castel Sant’Angelo

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[IT]Castel Sant’Angelo[/IT][EN]Castel Sant’Angelo[/EN]

It is a huge building with a circular shape. It is located on the other side of the river, close to the Vatican. It was originally built to host the rests of the Emperor Adrianus after his death. It was used then as a monumental tomb by all the following emperors untill Septimius Severus died.
For its imposing structure it was then used as a fortress during the barbarian invasions. After that it was used in other different ways: as a Pope residence, as a fortress again as a prison at the end. Its name is given by the apparition of an angel to the Pope Gregorius Magnus to announce the end of the plague in Rome.
Today the Castel Sant’Angelo is a museum of itself. Really worth to see the painted rooms and the beautiful view of Roma from its top.


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