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[IT] Colosseo [/IT] [EN] Colosseum [/EN]

The amphitheatre Flavius take the name “Colosseum” because of the giant statue of the emperor Nero close by. It was named Flavius because the gens Flavia wanted to build it in the person of te emperor Vespasianus on 79 a.C. In that area before the amphitheatre was a little lake belonging to the Domus Aurea, the huge villa of Nero.
Colosseum is 48 metres high and 70,000 people could seat in it to watch to te shows.
Shows consist in gladiator fights. Ship real fights performed as well after filling the Colosseum with water. With no doubt the gladiator shows were the most appreciated. Emperor Traianus once set a period of this kind of games for 117 days long. About 9,000 fighters dead.
The amphitheatre had a ingenious system of machineries to take gladiators or wild animals staight to the arena from underneath. In a following period the Colosseum was used also to persecute Christians killing them eaten by animals or burnt on fire.


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