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[IT] Altro da visitare [/IT][EN] Else to visit [/EN]

A visit in some noble palaces is also really worth to understand the wealthy and luxury life nobles had in their own period. Among the hundreds of palaces the best deserved are today Palazzo Sclafani, Palazzo Abatellis, Palazzo Mirto, Palazzo Abatellis and Palazzo Asmundo.

Right outside the city is the Mondello Beach. It is one of the most beautiful sea of Italy and it is located just 10 km far from the hearth of the city. It is between the Monte Pellegrino and the natural reserve of Capo Gallo. Mondello is famous because of its white sand and turquoise sea. It look like to be on a tropical beach. The only aspect taking you to the real life is the great architectural structures on the coast. Mondello was really appreciated since the first years of the 1900' s when the richest people from Palermo built their own villas in that time style: the “liberty” style. In that period was also built the beautiful Kursaal, a big platform on the sea with a restaurant in liberty style as well.

In the city much before the noble palaces are other relevent buildings. The Cuba was built on 1180 by Willelm II. This particular building was dedicated to the rest of the Norman king. It is a typical Arab style structure founded as well in a middle of a delicious Arab park with gardens and watergames. Cuba's gardens were so famous that Boccacio wrote a novel placed right in this park.

Walking through via Cavour down to the sea is the Castello a Mare. It is on the north side of the Cala, the ancient harbour. The Castle firstly built on the tenth century was in the past surrounded by the sea. The Arabs built it in the period they wholly fortified the city. Then the Normans modified it and gave it the appereance ot had untill 1848 when fights following a revolution seriously damaged it. Several reconstruction process and restoration s has followed and are still on today.


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