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Martorana's Church

Italy Hotels > Regions of Italy > Sicily > Palermo > Martorana's Church
[IT]Chiesa della Martorana [/IT][EN] Martorana's Church [/EN]

Built on 1143 by the admiral of Ruggero II, George of Antiochia, Santa Maria dell' Ammiraglio was given to Greek catholic priests. After two centuries, Alfonso d' Aragona gave the church to the benedettine of the near monastery of the Martorana that from that act on gave the name to the church. This church was several times modified. It is so possible to admire so many proofs of differeent styles in such a little church. Baroque is present and other styles as well. The most distinguishing one is the original Norman style. It is so possible to see golden mosaics still entire and not modified representing some steps of Jesus' life.


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