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Natural Park of Friuli's Dolomiti

Italy Hotels > more tips > Nature and parks of Italy > Natural Park of Friuli's Dolomiti

Dolomiti are famous mountains in the north-east of Italy. They are famous for their landscape and for skiing holidays and for their natural beauties too.
In the 1996 the Park of Dolomiti Friulane was founded. It is one of the biggest national park. It has a 36,950 hectares surface and more than 1,300 botanical kinds. Most common wild animals are chamois', roes and bucks.  Eagles are the most famous birds in the park and an eagle is the park symbol.
This park is a typical mountain habitat with woods, lakes, streams and rocks. Paths are 360km altogether and there are six visit centres (each of them suggests a thematic run trough the park) and four info points.
Monte Toc is a famous mountain in Italy because the dike-collapsing caused a huge tragedy in Vajont on 1963.
The most famous natural monument is the “Campanile (belfry)”. It is located in the Val Montanaia. The Campanile is a high rock tower wholly isolated by other mountains.


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