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National Park of Gran Paradiso

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On 1865, Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Italy, ordered this zone to be a royal hunting reserve. The park had special guards to protect nature from other hunters. On this period many paths were made and today are still the best way to walk through the park. On 1919, Vittorio Emanuele III gave these 2,100 hectars to the Italian State with the special propose to make it as a national park.
Today the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso is the biggest park of Italy with its 70,000 hectars surface. It is located on the Alps area and this deeply influences its look. Mountains are high (the maximum top reach 4,000 mt) and modelled by ice and wind during the winter periods. Animals living in the park and vegetation are also typically alpine. Among the animals the stambecco is surely the most famous. A sort of chamois with huge, strong and round horns lives only in this park.
In the park are many little villages where streets and houses seem to belong to ancient tales. Infact houses are typical with their stone roof.


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