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National park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

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It is the most ancient park in Italy. Its surface is extremely large and it covers more than 50.000 hectars on three regions of mid-Italy. On the park are more than 20 beautiful little and ancient villages.

It is located on the Appennini and, in fact, mountains mostly peculiarize the park. Among the mount systems the most important tops are the Monte Marsicano, the Montagna Grande, the Catena del Petroso and Catena della Meta and the Monte Greco. On each of them is easy to admire teh relevant signs nature left on thousand of years. The park is crossed by the Sangro river and are many lakes making delightful views. The biggest lakes are anyway the Barrea and Vivo. Particularly beautiful are the big Volturno river springs on the area of  Rocchetta al Volturno and Posta Fibreno in Alta Ciociaria.

In the park many rare animals live. Among these are the important Marsican bear, the Abruzzo's chamois and the wolf. King eagle is another typical animal of these areas. Beech woods are common and cover 60 per cent of the whole park. It gives enchanting views of the territory because of the different colours at the season changings. 


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