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Maschio Angioino

Italy Hotels > Regions of Italy > Campania > Naples > Maschio Angioino
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Maschio Angioino is the most imposing castle of the city. It is in the city center right in front the harbour and was built on 1279 on the order of king Charles d'Angiņ. It have trapezoidal shape and five huge towers.
Its great entrance made to salute the entrance of Alfonso d'Aragona on 1443 is made enetirely of white marble. Inside the castle the most famous rooms are the Palatine chapel and the Barons hall where the comunal council is hosted. The Barons hall is so named because there all the barons invited by Ferrante I d'Aragona at his daughter wedding were arrested for conspiracy. In this castle, the famous writers Petrarca and Boccaccio used to live when in Napoli.


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