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Luxury Castles in Italy

Live your italianday in an ancient castle.        
The expectattion of an unforgettable holiday in Italy can be translated into aspecial and unusual accomodation. The glorious past of Italy still has manyproof on the several monuments and ancient buildings.This section is dedicated to the hospitality in ancient castles to show howunique can be hospitality in Italy. Be part of the history of the most charmingcountry and make true the idea of a special vacation.
Castello del Nero - [ Ancient Castle ]
Castello del Nero
Strada Spicciano, 7
50028 Tavernelle Val di Pesa - Florence
Immersed in an over 400 hectars of private reserve this stunning castle is a luxury residence not fa [..]
Oscano Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Oscano Castle
Strada della Forcella, 37
067070 - Loc. Cenerente - Perugia
Near Perugia, in the charm of a wood-clad hillside, the castle, the villa ada and 'la macina'.
Castello di Magona - [ Ancient Castle ]
Castello di Magona
Via Venturina 27, 57021, Campiglia Marittima, Livorno
Its architecture, furnishings and dÚcor represent the real noble Tuscan style of XVI century.
Pavone's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Pavone's Castle
Pavone Canavese -
10081 Torino
Spectacular dimensions and the peculiar charm of ancient ages.
Petroia's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Petroia's Castle
Loc. Scritto di Gubbio, Gubbio - Perugia
Built between IX and X century, Petroia's castle is made by tre middle aged buildings surrounded by [..]
San Marco's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
San Marco's Castle
Via San Marco, 40 - 95011 Calatabiano - riviera di Taormina - Catania
Not far from Taormina and te Etna this splendid ancient castle has delightful arabian shapes.
Velona's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Velona's Castle
LocalitÓ Velona - 53024 Montalcino (SI)
High on a gentle hillock overlooking the peaceful Val d' Orcia is the breathtaking site of this luxu [..]
Razzano's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Razzano's Castle
LocalitÓ Razzano n.2 15021 Alfiano Natta
A great Relais with a beautiful enclosed courtyard. Inside delightful halls welcome castle guests an [..]


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