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Santa Croce

[IT] Santa Croce [/IT][EN] Santa Croce [/EN]

 The second church of Florence has a gothic facade. It is considered wonderful for its works of art and considerable for its tombs of several famous florentine people. Inside are twelve altairs with paintings of Vasari, Donatello, etc. Other beautiful paintings are on the walls and on the chapels. Giotto took part of the pool of artists working in Santa Croce. Among the buried people are the most famous "fiorentini" such as: Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli etc.
This incredible mix of art and beauty is so strong that caused a strange cultural shock to Stendhal two centuries ago when he visited this church. Santa Croce, it is said, make this effect to about ten people per year. Santa Croce is located on a side of a large square where the historical football is still payed today with rules from hundreds years ago.


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