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The Cathedral

[IT] Il Duomo [/IT] [EN] The Cathedral [/EN]

 It is the most imposing building in the city. It is, infact, the fourth Cathedral in the world for what concern its sizes and it is well visible from the hills surrounding Florence because no one building is higher than the Duomo's dome. The Duomo is made of pink, green and white marbles giving it a perfect mix of colours. The huge dome was drawn by Brunelleschi. That was the biggest ever of that period so many problems arised to build it and to ensure that it wouldn't have soon collapsed so that Florence had to wait more than one hundred year to see that dome completed. Inside the Duomo are many paintings by very famous artists like Donatello and Vasari. The 85 metres-high belfry was drawn by Giotto. Near the Duomo is the Battistero, one of the most ancient building of the city famous for its golden bronzed doors.


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