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Luxury Hotels in L'Aquila

Luxury Hotels in L'Aquila

It is the capital of Abruzzo and it is surely the most important city of the region because of its historical and art aspects. L'Aquila was founded on the thirteen century and was dominatedby the Swebiansm the Angioinis and the Borbons. Just outside the historical part of the city is the Fountain of 99 “cannelle”. It is probably the most famous monument of the city. It was built on 1272 and represent the castles contributed to the city foundation. Close to the beautiful church of San Marciano is the Duomo Square where are also the Palazzo Arcivescovile and the church of Suffragio. The Duomo was erected on the XII century and rebuilt on 1703.
The most interesting church of L'Aquila is probably Santa Maria di Collemaggio. This place have a big historical importance because inside Celestino V was crowned as a Pope on 1294. Wondeful parts of this church are the three rose-windows and the romanic-style door on the left side. Another interesting church is the San Bernardino's one on the top of a long staircase and with a magnificent facade made on XVI century. Woth a visit the big castle also where is the National Museum of Abruzzo with several middle age works of art and rests of the Prehistoric ages.

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