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Luxury Hotels in Syracuse

Luxury Hotels in Syracuse

At the bottom of Sicily and facing Africa, Syracuse is one of the most important and antique city of Italy. Founded in 734 BC, it was fasten gloriously known in the Greek period as the richer among the colonies overseas.
Strabonis wrote about the legend of Archia (founder of the Syracuse) asking the oracle how his future journey on the sea could end. The oracle asked back if Archia would have preferred health or wealth. He surely answered wealth and so gods allowed him to found Syracuse.
On the 5th century b.C. lasting for a couple of hundred years, Syracuse became the richest and most populous city in the Mediterranean. A metropolis of one million of inhabitants is mentioned in antique texts.
Standing from the Castello Eurialo on the top of the Epipoli, it's clear the real reason why Greeks decided to establish there. In front of them the beautiful island of Ortigia with its natural harbours and the coast protected behind by the Iblei mountains and with its delightful bay called Porto Grande.
Syracuse is the perfect mix between culture and history. Cicero, Valerius, Aeschylus, Pindar, Plutarch and Thucydides wrote about Syracuse. Thucydides himself said it was a city not in the least inferior to Athens itself. Archimede was born here. Plato came here several times trying to impose philosophical models to the government and obliged him to abandon his attempt to convert the passion of the city for luxury into a strict spiritual vocation.  
A slow decadence of Syracuse started on 211 b. C. with the Roman invasion after a long siege. Syracuse had a reborn on the baroque age when many buildings and churches were erected under this extasys-style.

Suggested Hotels

Hotel Des Etrangers et Miramare - [ Five Stars ]
Hotel Des Etrangers et Miramare
Passeggio Adorno 10/12, Syracuse
In the splendid area of Ortigia, the antique hearth of Syracuse, and close to the Cathedral there is [..]


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Greek ancient Theatre
Greek ancient Theatre
The most important evidence of the Greeks presence in the city
Castle Eurialo
Castle Eurialo
One of the biggest castles ever built