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Luxury Hotels in Messina

Messina is located on the Stretto di Messina, the narrow line of sea among Italy and Sicily. It was founded on VIII century b.c. by the Greeks and was named Zancle. The name of today is due to the domination of Messenis and Romans who gave to the city the name of Messana.
It is one of the biggest Sicilian city and one of the richest of history mainly for its position.The most important history note is anyway the awful heartquake on 1908 that caused more than 100,000 dead people and fall down the city almost entirely. Messina culd get out of this condition and restored what could be still restored after dacedes. Today are still visible and extremely interesting the architecture of the first decades of 1900ís and then liberty style but also the Cathedral totally restored. It is important to underline that the heartquake couldnít destroy what nature made and above all the beautiful ladscape visible from the city like the Stretto di Messina and the Eolies islands.

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