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Luxury Hotels in Trapani

Founded by the Sicans, an ancient population of Sicily, it was soon conquered by the North Africans and then the Arabians. Its name comes from the ancient word "Drepanun" that means scythe because of the long and rounded shape of the city. Because of its shapem, Trapani is also known as "the city with two seas". Its nature, sea and the Egadi islands right in front of its coast make Trapani one of the perfect destinations for nautical tourism. The "mattanza" is also famous, the ancient way to fish tunas still used today.

As in other Sicilian towns, even in Trapani are many wonderful noble palaces in its historical center, today totally restored. Nearby the city, the salt natural factories. Used for centuries, they worth a visit to see its typical red pools and its ancient mills to refine the crude salt. Right outside the city is the beautiful little town of Erice, typically medieval and on the top of a rock right behind Trapani.

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