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Luxury Hotels in Bari

Luxury Hotels in Bari

The Corso Vittorio Emanuele separates the city in two very different parts because of the architectures and epoques.

Bari vecchia is the most ancient part of the city facing the sea and made of little white houses and narrow middle aged streets. Nothing is changed and and this makes this zone really interesting and picturesque.

The other part of the city is more recent and it is originated by the large development Bari had in one hundred years. This area is also known as the Murat zone from a governor of the city who want it to be laid out in a rectangular plane. In this area are the most important city theatres (Petruzzelli and Margherita) and also the city hall and all other offices related with the government of the city.

In this part of the city along via Sparano are the most important luxury shops of the city. A walk along the beautiful lungomare is also recommended.

Suggested Hotels

San Tommaso - [ Charming Dwelling ]
San Tommaso
C.da Bagiolaro, s.n. Str.Prov.le Polignano Conversano Km 1,00 70044 Polignano a Mare (BA)
In 4 star San Tommaso Hotel there are 25 sleeping accomodations, located in 8 suites. They are gener [..]


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