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Luxury Hotels in Gallipoli

Luxury Hotels in Gallipoli

Splendid city in Salento peninsula, was already well known in the past as a beautiful city (Gallipoli name cames from Greek 'Kale Polis' that means 'Beautiful city') and today celebrated as the Pearl of Ionio sea. Gallipoli is infact on the Ionio sea and it is shared into two parts: the historical center, beautiful and located on a islet connected to the mainland by a bridge with archs and the Borgo, the modern part. The historical center is today still surrounded by a massive fortress built in past to prevent attacks from the sea. Main monuments of Gallipoli are the Saint Agata Cathedral in pure Lecce baroque style, the Angioino Castle, the church of Sacred Earth and the XVI century Greek fountain once known as the oldest fountain in Italy.

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