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Luxury Hotels in Ischia

Ischia is the largest island in Naples bay. This splendid island is round shaped and with several towns. The most important is Ischia Town, divided into 2 sides: the historical part also named Ischia Ponte (or Borgo Celsa) and Ischia Porto on the seaside.

The special volcanic origin of Ischia still allows this island to have special thermal water making this island really different from its other sisters in the bay.

Among the most known beauties in the island is the Aragonese Castle built up on a hill in the middle of the sea and charmingly suspended in the air. Just connected to the rest of the island by an ancient stone bridge. Other relevant sites are Villa Colombaia and La Mortella Gardens. Ischia has also great beautiful beaches. Fumarole, Spiaggia degli Inglesi ('English beach' relaxing and intimate) Chiaia (top beach for children to be there) and Cava dell'Isola are some of the most appreciated.

Suggested Hotels

San Montano Hotel - [ Five Stars ]
San Montano Hotel
Via Monte Vico, 80076, Lacco Ameno d'Ischia (Na)
The San Montano Hotel is a magnificent luxury hotel perfectly inserted in some of the most beautiful [..]
Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa - [ Five Stars ]
Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa
Via S.S. 270 n°296 - 80075 Forio d’Ischia (Naples)
Terme Manzi, Hotel & Spa, is a luxury hotel made by two connected buildings in a gorgeous medite [..]


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