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Luxury Hotels in Pantelleria

Pantelleria is one of the most charming island in the whole mediterranean sea, suspended between Sicily and Africa like a lonely pearl. Name origin (from Greek Pantelleria means 'All winds') itself gives an even stronger idea of 'island'. Pantelleria has great views even more charming beacuse of this special dark colour of the lavic stones.  That is different from the not far island of Lampedusa with bright colours. Pantelleria's charm is also given by these peculiar kind of accommodation, the dammusi, built with lavic stones in centuries and used by fishermen and farmers, old inhabitants of the island. Today dammusi became charming accommodations and often great locations for VIP parties and events. Pantelleria is not just sea and views but also give the opportunity to visit very interesting archeological sites demonstrating how much man has always been attrcted in milleniums by this splendid island.

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