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Luxury Hotels in Matera

A unique city in the world, Matera is one of the top example of how man have been used rocks and stone for centuries even to build its own accommodation. Sassi are the antique houses built in the rocks right inside deep valleys. Accommodation made as caves on the side of the hills are today view as great charming accommodations. Particularly relevant are the rock churches ('chiese rupestri') where travellers can enjoy this special atmosphere made of centuries of history. Because of its peculiarities, Matera has been often choosen as a terrific set for famous movies, Mel Gibson's Passion is last one to be filmed. Matera has been mentioned by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.

Suggested Hotels

Locanda di San Martino - [ Charming Dwelling ]
Locanda di San Martino
via Fiorentini, 71 - 75100 Matera
A place extremely fascinating, gorgeous example of the wide beauty and unicity of Matera. Locanda di [..]


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