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Luxury Hotels in Alghero

Luxury Hotels in Alghero
Alghero is one of the most interesting cities of Sardinia. The main peculiarity is given by the language spoken by Alghero’s people. This is still catalan at 40 per cent due to the strong and long lasting presence of Spaniards here in the past. Alghero counts several churches and monuments built up again by Catalans. In Alghero are famous also the sand with very fine sand and the promontory of Capo Caccia, either because of the charming lighthouse and because of its natural beauties.

Suggested Hotels

Villa Las Tronas - [ Five Stars ]
Villa Las Tronas
Lungomare Valencia 1 - 07041 Alghero
The charm of the past and the comforts of the present in a delightful private promontory.


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