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Luxury Hotels in Foggia

Foggia is located in the Northern Apulia. The city has a delicious historical side built up by the Normans and then modified during centuries. In this side is the marvellous Saint Thomas' Cathedral in pure romanic style. Inside are the "icone vetere" representing an ancient portrait of Holy Mary.
Around Foggia, the Gargano is a mountain area on the sea descending in the flat Capitanata where the city of Foggia is. In the Gargano are several sea side pretty and enjoyable. Among these the most interesting are Vieste and Peschici. Not far from Foggia is San Giovanni Rotondo where Padre Pio lived.

Suggested Hotels

Baia dei Faraglioni - [ Five Stars Luxury ]
Baia dei Faraglioni
Litoranea Mattinata Vieste 71030 Mattinata Gargano (FG)
Baia dei Faraglioni is located in one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, in the heart of the bioge [..]


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