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Luxury Hotels in Egadi Islands

The Egadi's archipelago is only 10 miles far from the Trapani's coasts and is made by the islands of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo. Not as Eolie Islands and Pantelleria, this island have not a vulcanic origin and this is the reason why the sea have such beautiful variety of brilliant colours. The perfect sea and the deligthful nature aspects made this area to be awarded as marine-natural reserve.
Favignana is the biggest island. Here are many historical proofs of the human presence. The most interesting is in the sea between Cala Rossa and Punta Marsala. Here there was one of the most important ship battle of antiquity. Romans fighted against Chartagineses and the Cala Rossa area (“Red bay”) took its name from the blood of the soldiers wasted on the sea. Today this is one of the most beautiful sea area for its turquoise colours. Punta Fanfalo and Cala Azzura are other sea side extremely interesting.
Marettimo is the further island from Sicily's coast. It is considered as the wildest island and, for this reason, the most beautiful. Nature, high mountains and caves on the sea give spectacular views. Cala Bianca, Cala Nera and the Camel's, Thunder's, Perciata's and Presepe's caves are places to visit.
Levanzo is the smallest island. Here is the natural marine reserve as well. Genovese's cave worth a visit because of its rests of prehistorical age. 

Suggested Hotels

Hotel Il Portico - Favignana - [ Charming Dwelling ]
Hotel Il Portico - Favignana
via Meucci, 3 91023 Isola di Favignana (TP)
In the earth of Favignana island is this hotel recently built and offering comfort and facilities fo [..]


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