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Luxury Hotels in Marsala

Founded on 397 b. C. by Phoenicians, the city take its name by the Arabian “Marsah Allah” (God's Harbour) and soon became one of the most important port of the mediterranean. Among the several monuments, the most important are the Chiesa Madre, San Peter's monumental structures and Itria's convent. Particularly interesting is the Mothia islet located in the Stagnone lagoon in front of the city. It was an antique Phoenician colony and several ruins are still visible. The islet is extremely charming because of the landscape protected by Egadi Islands.
The Stagnone lagoon is a wide part of sea not deep at all and very pictoresque because of the salts and the ancient mills on the way to Trapani. In the lagoon many rare birds stops to have a break during their long travel to the tropical sides of the world. 
About the historical proofs, the extraordinary rests of a unique Chartaginese boat from III century b. C. today exhibited in Baglio Anselmi.
Marsala is then famous because of the wine industries. This side of Sicily is the most generous for wine production. Expecially, “Marsala” wine, similar to “Porto”, was in old times traded by the English families of Woodhouse, Ingham and Whitaker and the Italians Florio who made this kind of wine famous all over the world.

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