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Luxury Hotels in Agrigento

In ancient age Agrigento was known as the most beautiful city belonging to mortals. Here Empedocle and Pirandello were born.

Founded on 581 a. C., Agrigento became soon one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia. Here is a splendid cathedral from 1100. Inside is an original and still perfect wooden ceiling painted. The cathedral is on the top side of the ancient city made of picturesque narrow streets.

In the old part of the city a walk is worth on via Atenea, the main street, and on Viale della Vittoria to taste a perfect view of temples and sea.

Agrigento is famous infact fot the Temples Valley. A splendid area where ae some of the fines proof of Agrigento's glorious past. Here are some of the most beautiful Greek ancient temples among those still present on the coasts of the mediterranean sea. The most famous are Concordia's, Herculis' and Hera's temples. 

Suggested Hotels

Ciuci's Manor - [ Charming Dwelling ]
Ciuci's Manor
Aragona - Agrigento
Amazing spot of the best Sicilian countryside. Enchanting views and nature.


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