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Luxury Hotels in Perugia

Luxury Hotels in Perugia

Perugia is located on a hill on the Tevere's valley. It is the main city of Umbria and its rich buildings are a consistent proof of this importance during centuries. Etruscans lived here then Romans arrived. After the Roman civil war on the 40 b. C. Perugia is rebuilt and named as "Augusta". The barbarian Totila then destroyed the village on 547. As all the Umbrian villages, Perugia had its maximum brightness on the middle age.
Walking through the long and large Corso Vannucci, the most important ancient street of Perugia is IV November square. This is the most important site of Perugia and one of the most beautiful Italian square. Here is the famous Fontana Maggiore, a big and wonderful middle-aged fountain built on XIII century where many figures of saints, celebrities and animals are sculptured on marble. On the side of the square is the Palazzo de' Priori where the ancient government settled. Inside is the beautiful Notari's hall and Collegio della Mercanzia's and Collegio del Cambio's halls.
On the other and highest side of the square is the ancient Cathedral of Saint Lorenzo. Outside is a bronze statue of Pope Giulio II. Inside, in the Cappella del Santo Anello, the Saint Mary's ring is hosted as the tradition says.

Suggested Hotels

Brufani Palace Hotel - [ Five Stars Luxury ]
Brufani Palace Hotel
Piazza Italia 12, Perugia
Finest luxury in Perugia city center. Brufani Palace Hotel is a unique mix of history, gorgeous view [..]
Oscano Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Oscano Castle
Strada della Forcella, 37
067070 - Loc. Cenerente - Perugia
Near Perugia, in the charm of a wood-clad hillside, the castle, the villa ada and 'la macina'.


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