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Luxury Hotels in Gubbio

Luxury Hotels in Gubbio

Gubbio is one of the most ancient villages of Umbria. Its origin is known through the Tavole Eugubine, 7 bronze panels from the II century b. C. On the panels, Iguvium (the ancient name of Gubbio) is described as an already big village. Ruins of the ancient Roman theatre are a good proof of the importance of Gubbio on the ancient period.
Gubbio became bigger on the Roman ages untill it was totally destroyed by the barbarian king Totila. The village had a second birth in the middle age. In this period had the charming and typical look still visible in our days. Gubbio is a delightful village to admire on every little corner still intact in its middle age look.  Romanic is still the main architectural style of Gubbio.
Palazzo dei Consoli is the most important building and it is known as one of the most beautiful middle-age palace. Built on 1337, here the government of Gubbio was settled and inside the huge hall was thought to host the inhabitans to take or communicate decisions. Palazzo Ducale is another relevant monument. This building was first built on the middle-age but entirely restored on the renaissance period. The Duke's studium is today exposed in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Palazzo del Bargello, Basilica di Sant'Ubaldo and the Pazzi's fountains are other interesting sites to visit.

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Petroia's Castle - [ Ancient Castle ]
Petroia's Castle
Loc. Scritto di Gubbio, Gubbio - Perugia
Built between IX and X century, Petroia's castle is made by tre middle aged buildings surrounded by [..]


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