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Luxury Hotels in Capri

Famous for its natural beauties and landscape, for its history and for its charming life and jetset, Capri is one of the most favourite location for international tourism.
17 maritime miles far from Napoli and only 3 from Sorrento coast, Capri is just 6 km long and 1,2 – 2,8 km large. The island has two main mountains: Monte Tiberio (334 metres) on the west side and Monte Solaro (589 metres) on the east side.
Capri was considered a fascinating residence on the Roman period. Emperor Augusto built a magnificent villa on the 29 b. C. and Emperor Tiberio as well lived there between 27 and 37 a. C. After Tiberio and until the IV century a. C., Capri was one of the most favourite location for Roman nobles. On the XVII an XVIII century, the island was considered again as an important place and that's the period of building great churches and monasteries.   
On the second half of XIX century many international visitors where attracted again by the island beauties. Artists, intellectuals, writers elected Capri as their main residence making the island one of the most famous international and cosmopolitan colony.
Capri and Anacapri are the only two villages on the island. Capri takes its name from the island and it's the bigger. Capri is famous for his life. The Piazzetta is a little square where all the visitors pass to meet other people, take a coffee or appetizer and plan what to do at night looking for the best party or just talking. It's very easy meet in the Piazzetta international famous actors, singers, etc.
The ideal trip in Capri can either be a relaxing and idle holiday swimming in the sea (from the coast or renting a little boat) and sunbathing at day or make a good mix with some walk for tourism on the island.
Capri is an island where cars are not allowed. Walking anyway is one of the most interesting way of visit the island beauties and taste the real and magic essence of Capri. A suggestive view is given on the Belvedere Cannone. From this site where French located a big cannon on 1808 to defend the island from invasions. On the 1900's many German artists stopped there to paint so that this site took the name of Mahler Platte (Painters' little square). From here it's possible to admire the Faraglioni, the Scoglio delle Sirene, the Certosa and the garden of Augusto.
Another charming walk to do is through the Tragara. It's a panoramic and extremely romantic route to the Faraglioni.
Via Krupp, instead is a particular street built on 1902 by E. Mayer on an idea of A. F. Krupp a famous German businessman of that time. This street takes from the gardens of Augusto to Marina Piccola (the little harbour on the south) and it's considered a work of art itself.
The island is well known as one of the most beautiful place for its natural beauties. 
The most famous site of Capri is the Grotta azzurra. This “Azel Cave” was know as charming since the Roman period. On the 1826 it was “re-discovered” by the German painter August Kopisch. The romantic myth of Capri starts here. This cave is 54 metres long, 15 metres high and 30 metres large. The entrance is on the sea and it's only one meter high from the sea level. The “Azel” name is given by the spectacular colour of the sea given by the peculiar entrance of solar light from the deep.
Among the other beauties a view of the natural arch is worth. It's a great rock arch, ruin of a huge cave destroyed by the incessant moving of waves.

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